Loneliness is an invisible crisis we can solve.

In 2023, Surgeon General Vivek Murthy declared a loneliness epidemic—it's a real crisis that has serious effects on our emotional and physical health.

Fortunately, we have the tools to address the crisis head on. The Belongfulness Project is here to provide resources that raise awareness, offer best practices, and train you and the people you care about to feel connected. No one ever taught us how to belong, until now.


For Individuals

Belonging isn't just about being social. Check out our free playbook to start your journey towards greater connection to yourself and the world around you.

For Teams

62% of employees experience serious loneliness—and they underperform as a result. That means belongful employees overperform. Learn how to make belonging your team's secret weapon.

For Spaces

Cafes, coworking spaces, bars, bookstores, and more—if you run a space that hosts gatherings and brings people together, you play an indispensible role in re-weaving our social fabric.

For Governments

Public officials are in an ideal position to raise awareness of the health implications of loneliness and to point people to the resources that will help them the most.

Latest updates

Overcoming social anxiety and opening up to new connection with Ani Castillo, author and illustrator

Author of the wonderful books Ping and Spark, and the forthcoming People are My Favorite Place, Ani Castillo shared her personal journey overcoming social anxiety, the role of religious communities, the power of inner dialogue, and much more. Here, we delve into some of the major themes discussed.

Learning how to be hopeful with Kathryn Goetzke of the Shine Hope Company

Hope just became a strategy. Kathryn Goetzke, leading hope researcher and founder of The Shine Hope Company, unpacks the science behind cultivating hope and resilience in the face of adversity. In this conversation, we explore Goetzke's deeply personal journey, her research into America's hopelessness crisis, and practical strategies to design a more hopeful daily life.

Get back out there - a course in reclaiming the social connection you deserve

I'm excited to be launching a new course on February 1. Read on for more details!

How to combat loneliness: reconnect with yourself and others for a more fulfilling life

Loneliness can feel like an insurmountable challenge, a silent epidemic that touches countless lives. Yet, the path to overcoming loneliness often begins with simple, actionable steps. Whether you're feeling a temporary sense of isolation or grappling with a more profound sense of disconnection, these strategies can help pave the way to a more connected, fulfilling life.

The one thing we need for a coworking renaissance in 2024

The opportunity for a narrative shift is right in front of us. With WeWork firmly in the public's rearview mirror, and millions of newly minted post-pandemic remote workers still trying to find a balance, coworking is poised to set up big time. There's just one nagging thing between the movement and a new level of growth: the message.

Home for the holidays? Take the chance to examine your roots.

If you're headed back to where you grew up this holiday season, you may find opportunities there to unveil parts of yourself that will help you grow into who you want to become going forward. Get my free printable playbook while you're at it. <3

Eco Evolution: The unofficial hub of Norwalk, plus connecting over sustainability with Brad Kerner (AKA the Eco Dude)

Brad Kerner of Eco Evolution brings a fascinating journey to the table—a journey molded by personal convictions, a push for environmental sustainability, and adapting to world-changing events like the COVID pandemic. Let's dive into some of the key takeaways from our candid conversation which uncovered unique insights about community-building, environmental sustainability, and entrepreneurship in the context of modern societal shifts.

Unmuck Yourself:
Get my free new playbook

Are you feeling disconnected in a world that's more connected than ever? You're not alone. In a time when isolation and loneliness are on the rise, finding genuine belonging and connection is more important than ever. "Unmuck Your Life: 4 Transformative Steps to Belonging" is your guide to breaking free from the loneliness cycle and fostering fulfilling connections with yourself, your friends, and the world around you.

Bringing people together through playful connection, plus finding your weirdos with Stefano Sacchi of Epic Llama

Stefano Sacchi, founder of Epic Llama, designs playful experiences to inspire human connections. Stefano has dedicated his work to creating inclusive spaces that break down barriers and allow people to authentically interact.

Street therapy, immersive art installations, and post-its in the subway station with Matt Chavez

Matt Chavez is co-founder of Listening Lab, a project aimed at encouraging community interactions and sharing of personal stories through mixed-media installations. He's perhaps best known for Subway Therapy, an immersive public art project initiated in the aftermath of the 2016 U.S. presidential election. Public Participation: The project featured 2,000+ anonymous sticky notes posted by commuters on the walls of NYC's Union Square subway station.

"When are we doing this again?" - Starting a new coworking meetup in Norwalk

We started gathering folks for a simple coworking session at our favorite local cafe. Read on to hear what I learned and get tips on how you can start your own.

How local governments can take action to reduce loneliness

As key stewards of public health, governments have many evidenced-based options to strengthen social connection from the policy level down to local community action. Here are some top recommendations based on the Surgeon General’s report.

Take the Belongful Place Pledge

The world needs places like yours in it. When you pledge to call your space a Belongful Place, you'll be joining our collective mission to help people find their people and beat the epidemic of disconnection.

Make belonging your remote team's secret weapon

Make belonging your team's secret weapon. In a workforce where so many suffer from feelings of loneliness and disconnection, belongful teams will have a huge advantage.

Storytelling our way to Deeper Connections with Rachel Saslaw of StoryTell NYC

Once upon a time... I interviewed Rachel Saslaw, founder of StoryTell NYC. Rachel started StoryTell as a way to cultivate more meaningful connections and vulnerability through personal storytelling. She shared insights on how she democratizes storytelling, her personal birthday pie-off, her new family recipe heirloom, and more.

New: The State of Belonging Report 2023

What if our crisis of disconnection was something each of us could play a part in solving? What if those things we could do were bafflingly simple? Like... checking in on a friend, hanging out at a cafe, hosting a dinner party? I published the State of Belonging 2023 report to answer those questions and many more.

Celebrating Culture by Making Dumplings Together with Lenny An of Dumpling Discussions

What better way to bring people together than dumplings? Lenny An's Dumpling Discussions give people a simple invitation—come enjoy fabulous dumplings!—while also offering something deeper: an opportunity to have conversations about potentially challenging topics.

The Surgeon General’s Advisory on the Loneliness Epidemic

Earlier this year, U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy released a groundbreaking report of historic proportions highlighting how integral social connection is to our health, safety, prosperity, and overall wellbeing. This advisory puts forth a bold new vision for making relationships a national priority and provides a blueprint for strengthening our social fabric.

Moai: Okinawa's Ultimate BFF Group (and the Secret to Longevity)

Moai is a social support group that starts in childhood and extends into the 100s. It's a tradition that's been around for centuries, originally serving as a village's financial support system. Today, it's a cultural cornerstone for companionship, a lifeline of connection in a world that often feels disconnected.

Coming soon: The State of Belonging Report, a roadmap for beating loneliness

To combat loneliness, we must identify effective strategies and prioritize them. I'm developing a State of Belonging Report, highlighting key concerns, current impacts, and actions taken. It will suggest how each of us can act.

Giant swing sets and your three hidden senses with Meghan Talarowski of Studio Ludo

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Meghan Talarowski, a renowned play researcher and playscape architect and the head of Philly-based Studio Ludo, about the importance of play for people of all ages.

Recalibrating Your Connection to Yourself + Survivor Nights with Jacey Adler of Recalibrate

I met Jacey at an event hosted by David Nebinski, as he recorded a live episode for his Portfolio Career Podcast. After I learned of her own show, Recalibrate, and some of her personal stories of finding community and belonging, I knew we had to record a conversation together.

The Ingredients of Belongfulness

I thought I had the solution to the loneliness epidemic: better gatherings. I'd seen just how poorly most social activities were often organized, and how much better the well-run ones were, and thought—if only people were exposed to the right kinds of experiences...

Retreating From Society is Getting Easier Every Day.

Let’s face it: dealing with other humans is a hassle. Meanwhile, staying at home is getting easier every day. There’s just one little problem: it sucks.

Volunteering for Introverts + Why Your Town Needs Its Own Mushroom Festival with RuthAnn Deveney

RuthAnn had been living in Kennett Square, PA for seven years before she started finding real connection to the town around her. It started with her church, where she learned of volunteer opportunities in the area. That led to her working at the library, where she could restock books in peace—and, over time, get to know both the staff and the patrons.

Belongfulness Links

You can connect with Belongfulness on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube. Tony's contact info can also be found here!

A Raw Journey of Self-Acceptance: "My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness" by Nagata Kabi

In a literary landscape filled with tales of love, loss, and self-discovery, "My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness" stands out for its unapologetic honesty. This book doesn't sugarcoat the reality of grappling with one's identity. Instead, it offers readers an intimate and candid look into the turbulent waters of self-acceptance and the heavy weight of societal expectations.

What is Loneliness?

Historically, loneliness was not just about being alone; it signaled danger. In early modern Britain, straying too far from society meant surrendering the protections it provided. A lonely space was a place where you might encounter someone who could harm you, with no one else around to help.

Turn your cafe's loyal patrons into paying members

What would $500 a month in pure profit do for your business today? What if it also came with a compounding growth in your foot traffic and regular patronage?

Quotes About Loneliness

“The soul that sees beauty may sometimes walk alone.” - Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe