The one thing we need for a coworking renaissance in 2024

With WeWork firmly in the public's rearview mirror, and millions of newly minted post-pandemic remote workers still trying to find a balance, the coworking movement is ready to set a new narrative going forward.

There's just one nagging thing between the movement and a new level of growth: the message.

We've been leaving something on the table when it comes to telling our story and explaining why coworking is worth investing in (and putting real pants on for). 

2023 gave us the missing ingredient

For years, we've talked about various missions that might solidify our collective shared efforts. Ashley Proctor's work with the Coworking IDEA Project gave us insight into what this could look like—where spaces that care about inclusivity are given the opportunity to participate in monthly coordinated activities.  

We can build on this sort of approach. 

In the previous year, we were given a huge opportunity: a well-articulated, research-backed challenge that should grab the attention of most anyone: a declared loneliness epidemic, driven in part by the lack of places people can visit when they need to leave the house. 

More to the point: employee loneliness is high and rising, and lonely employees underperform across the board. 

This offers us a golden opportunity to tell a new and urgent story: 

Belongful workers are better workers. Coworking is in the business of belongfulness. 

No need for anyone to take our word for it; we can point to research that says this in concrete terms. 

The more we seize this message, now, the more folks will see the obvious solutions hiding in plain sight. 

We need to get out of our homes, even if just once or twice a week. We need a place to go that can accommodate our Zoom era needs. And, for many of us, we don't even know what options are out there waiting for us. 

The parallel storyline: "return to work"

Employed folks I'm close to whisper it amongst themselves: when is the boss going to ask us to come back to the office for another day? There seems to be a sense of inevitability and dread that, eventually, the five day commute will return, no matter how much people kick and scream. 

Some businesses are embracing remote or hybrid work. But in so many cases, they just don't know what options they have. 

How much more compelling could hybrid work be for a team if they know the role coworking can play?

Before a team decides to return to the office to solve the issue of cabin fever at home, they'd benefit from knowing that there is a middle ground option—a way of getting out of the house without forcing everyone all the way back into the downtown HQ. 

Let's tell the story together

I'm convening space owners who want to coordinate efforts and craft a compelling message together. 

Together, we can create materials, educate our potential new members, and show more folks just what's possible with these spaces. 

This is just a starting point—coworking has vast potential to boost local economies and aid those in search of connection.

Hit me up if you want to discuss more!