Loneliness is an invisible crisis we can solve.

In 2023, Surgeon General Vivek Murthy declared a loneliness epidemic—it's a real crisis that has serious effects on our emotional and physical health.

Fortunately, we have the tools to address the crisis head on. The Belongfulness Project is here to provide resources that raise awareness, offer best practices, and train you and the people you care about to feel connected. No one ever taught us how to belong, until now.


For Individuals

Belonging isn't just about being social. Check out our free playbook to start your journey towards greater connection to yourself and the world around you.

For Teams

62% of employees experience serious loneliness—and they underperform as a result. That means belongful employees overperform. Learn how to make belonging your team's secret weapon.

For Spaces

Cafes, coworking spaces, bars, bookstores, and more—if you run a space that hosts gatherings and brings people together, you play an indispensible role in re-weaving our social fabric.

For Governments

Public officials are in an ideal position to raise awareness of the health implications of loneliness and to point people to the resources that will help them the most.

Latest updates

How local governments can take action to reduce loneliness

As key stewards of public health, governments have many evidenced-based options to strengthen social connection from the policy level down to local community action. Here are some top recommendations based on the Surgeon General’s report.