Retreating From Society is Getting Easier Every Day.

You can make a living online. 

You can have everything delivered to your door—contact free!

You can even have relationships with AI chatbots now. 

And fancy new VR goggles are on their way. 

Let’s face it: dealing with other humans is a hassle. 

They ask for our time and attention. 

And they are WRONG about so many things!

Meanwhile, staying at home is easy.

We control what we see. We don’t have to reply if we don’t want to. We can stay anonymous, invisible. Safe. 

There’s just one little problem: it sucks.

The digi-hermit lifestyle might feel safe and comfortable. But we’re not meant to live this way.

We know we’re being manipulated online, constantly incentivized to scroll more, spend more.

Living in reality is free—which means nobody’s selling it to you.

It takes deliberate effort to break from the malaise and go find it. 

So let’s go find it. Together.

What’s stopping us from being like these folks? 
(Credit: The Happy Broadcast)

It’s all in our heads. Which means it’s within our power.

Nobody’s stopping us from feeling more alive, more connected.

Sure, we’re busy. Life can be stressful. 

But what we’re talking about here doesn’t take much time at all. It’s a shift in mindset—and that’s something any of us can achieve, if we are ready to resolve to do so.

So let’s resolve to do so. 

Because life is short. Puddles are beautiful. And the world is a better place when people like us love ourselves and each other just a little more.

Cultivate a sense of Belongfulness.

It doesn’t require anything difficult—just a willingness to try. 

Here, we’ll discuss simple things you can do to nurture that feeling of connection to yourself and the world around you.

You won’t try them all. But perhaps you will find something that strikes your fancy.

Try something. See how it lands. Report back on what you discover.

Together, we’ll learn how to break out of digital hermitude and set an example for others to follow—one where we are alive, where we are connected, where life can be beautiful. 

Want to give it a try?