Get back out there - a course in reclaiming the social connection you deserve

I'm excited to be launching a new course on February 15. Read on for more details!

Are you spending too much time on screens, and too little time out with other people in the real world?

Do you get home from work with the full intention of sticking to your social plans later on, only to end up texting your friends that you can’t make it... again?

Do you find getting to know new people at work, in your existing friend group, or in public social settings to be super draining on your social battery?

You're so very not alone. In a world of rampant screen addiction and overwork, too many of us are dealing with these kinds of situations.

Fortunately, we can choose a different path. We can decide we deserve a rich, connected social life, without the baggage of networking and big events.

This course will show you how.

What you'll get

In Get Back Out There, I take an introvert-friendly approach to rekindling the social flame.

As you follow the material, we'll set you up to have:

  • At least one rekindled friendship
  • A favorite place to go that’s outside the house
  • A regular program to attend
  • A feeling of connectedness, aliveness, and optimism
  • A feeling that you have a connected, vibrant life

The course will put you on a course where your social calendar isn’t full, but fulfilling. You won't be asked to:

  • Meet lots of strangers
  • Go to big crowded networking events
  • Do anything you're not comfortable with

Course content

Each week, you'll get an email lesson with a video and a fresh assignment from your playbook. Every exercise is designed to be easeful and fun—so you can work at your own pace and find the rhythm that works best for you.

1. Prep

  • Establish your foundation
  • Identify existing people, places, and interests

2. Try things

  • Reach out to old friends to reconnect
  • Try visiting the interesting places & events we unearthed

3. Hosting made easy

  • Learn the art of hosting something that’s awesome and works for you
  • Ideas for super simple small gatherings to try

4. Establish regularity

  • Consistency is critical to connection. We’ll commit to committing to the friends, spaces, and programs that best fit for us right now
  • Set regular times for chats with friends and attending/hosting programs

Each module will involve simple activities that build on the previous one.


Build connection step by step with your own beautiful printable playbook which we’ll work through over the course of the program

Share wins and get support in our private online discussion space which you’ll have access to anytime. We’ll also post replays and additional resources here.

You’ll be amazed how simple and easy it can be when you take the right approach.


If you'd like to be a part of my inaugural crew, I'm offering 70% off for folks who preorder by February 14. Just $29!

Learn more here and sign up here:

I'm looking forward to this journey and hope you'll join me on it.